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Thank you for visiting our website!

On behalf of the dental team we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Wolfdent Dental Practice aims to provide high quality treatment with kindness, courtesy and patience in a friendly environment in Budapest.

Many people have already discovered the benefits of dental treatment abroad, especially in Hungary.

Please be our guest, come to Budapest and while visiting our beautiful city and its surroundings have your dental needs taken care of. Spend less than just treating your dental needs at home. Save up to 50-80 % depending on your therapy.

We provide a wide range of dental services under one roof, our dentists can meet most of your dental needs, while our trained specialists provide such services as oral surgery and dental implantation.

Choose us if:

– you want to have a quality work for a good price, for a long time
– you don’t want to go to a „teethfactory” where a lot of dentists treat you so the responsibility is gone…
– you want to have your teeth done in a familiar atmosphere

We are ready to organize your accommodation and programmes in Budapest.

Airport transfer is free of charge for our patients.

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Wolfdent Dentistry is at the city center of Budapest which is easily access.
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Wolfdent - Calming, cosy environment.

Interior of Wolfdent Dentistry is designed to patients have forgot that they are on a clinic. The calming, pleasing shades, the sophisticated surfaces, all serve the comfort and pleasant feelings of our patients.


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Price list, guarantee

Find out the Wolfdent Dentistry's pricing philosophy!

Save up 50-80 % depending on your therapy.
The invoice we hand out is made out according to the European standard which means it is accepted by Health Insurance in foreign countries.

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