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Dental Team

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About us
Head and owner of Wolfdent Dentistry, Dr. Zsolt Farkas implantologist and his team is looking forwrad to you with kindness and expertness in a modern dental office.

Dr. Zsolt Farkas

dentist, implantologist

Dr. Farkas graduated from the University of Medicine.of Szeged - with a dentist degree in 1997. He has been a dental and oral diseases specialist since 1999. 1997-present private practice in Budapest and in the past 5 years he was working at different clinics near the Austrian border treating Austrian, German, Swiss,Italian, British patients. Dr. Farkas has an extensive experience in Restorative and Implant Dentistry. The owner and the leader of Wolfdent Hungary Kft.

Dr. Andrea Dobos


Cosmetic dentistry specialist

Barbara Speét

Chief dental assistant, dental hygienist

Mónika Farkas

Head of Wolfdent Technik dental lab

András Szász

Dental technician

Renate Farkas

Praxis manager


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