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Teeth whitening

Modern, safe whitening technique at Wolfdent Dentistry
Process of teeth whitening
Beyond cold whitening technique
Tooth cleaning, polishing
Apply protective gel to gums
Apply whitening material to teeth
Use of whitening lamp
Wait necessary activating time
Remove whitening material

If you feel that your teeth are looking discoloured we can offer you new advances in teeth whitening that can give you guaranteed whiter teeth in 30 minutes. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to remove stains and discoloration, as well as lighten pigmentation within the teeth. The level of whiteness that can be achieved by teeth bleaching will depend on the level of discoloration of the teeth. Teeth that are brown or yellow due to coffee, tea, or smoking stains will generally lighten two to four shades. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter after bleaching.

BEYOND (www.beyonddent.com) is a one time treatment with no side effects, it does not damage your teeth. The effect should last for two years. The Beyond cold whitening technique is absolutely safe. Every child starts off with beautiful white teeth, but coloured foods and drinks like coffee and soy sauce can discolor the surface of your teeth. After a time these stains penetrate deep inside the teeth. Just like white clothes which have picked up dyes and can never regain the original brightness, stained teeth are very difficult to whiten with conventional methods. But Beyond’s advanced technology cleans both the surface and the internal structure of the teeth.

The Beyond cold light tooth whitening machine uses a narrow beam of high-intensity blue light with a wavelength of between 480 and 520 nanometers. A special optical process removes harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. A whitening fluid containing hydrogen peroxide and 20-nanometer silicon dioxide rapidly oxidizes the entire surface of all 16 and more teeth on one short treatment, restoring them to a beautiful white. Tests prove that, after whitening with Beyond, the teeth score 5 to 14 points higher on the VITA scale. The result is 30% better than for home whitening kits and is much better than results obtained with comparable products. With Beyond the whole whitening process takes only 30 minutes. Over a million Americans have used this method. Using low temperature, cold–light avoids irritation of the nerves of the teeth.

Only natural tooth structure responds to bleaching. Bonding and porcelain will NOT bleach.
Beyond is recognized as the safest and most effectiveway of whitening the teeth currently available.


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